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kem - kbamagirlw@yahoo.com - 25 Nov 2012 8:09 PM
I hope people realize that even if every state reached the 25,000 signatures the only thing that would happen is the Obama administration would send the petitions to each state and there would be a vote on them in each of the states by all voters of those states, thousands of signatures from one state would not secede. So what is wrong with blowing of some steam? let them speak their minds, it is their right, But I do think it is wrong for people from one state to sign other states petitions just to try
kem - kbamagirlw@yahoo.com - 24 Nov 2012 5:20 AM
675,000 signatures is not accurate. all secede petitions has people signing on every one of them. example Oregon with 14,000 signatures, there is not even 3,000 signatures from Oregon residents. most are from other states.
barbara - Mom-mom3x@comcast.net - 21 Nov 2012 1:40 PM
The people of this country still have freedom of speech, however limited it may be at this point. 'We the people' have the right, privilege and RESPONSIBILITY to speak up. Mr. Booth you should delve a little further into history. 'We the people' are the BOSS, not the government (federal, state, county, or city). We need to stand up and act like the BOSS!. The governments of any size have nothing, not taken from us,the people, first. I say split the country! I for one detest all the 'entitlement' programs and believe that every person should be held accountable and responsible for themselves (unless incapable), and there are ways to handle that without the government!
Tom Booth - thomas_a_booth@hotmail.com - 21 Nov 2012 10:32 AM
As a resident and citizen of New York State I considered it an insult and defamatory to the name and character of myself and New Yorkers in general for someone to post a petition on the White House website that implies that New York State has any intention or desire or has been in any way considering secession from the Union. IMO this violates the Terms of Participation posted on the website and these petitions should never have been allowed to appear with such misleading and false wording such as "New York State..." or "We the people of..." which states or strongly implies that a "State" or the people of a State as a body or through their elected representatives have authored these petitions. This is false, misleading, defamatory and damaging to the image of the State and the country as a whole. For all intents and purposes what this amounts to is a Hoax. If you agree please sign my petition that such secession petitions be removed from the site or register and Flag the petition pertaining to your State for removal. Thank You! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/please-remove-false-and-misleading-petitions-and-counter-petitions-implying-states-want-secede-union/6PlmqtpvI consider the We the People website a valuable resource and do not wish to see it abused. I have therefore created this petition as an alternative to other more radical actions such as petitioning to have the site shut down:https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/shut-down-white-house-petitions-they-never-get-sincere-response-few-read-them-they-are-ultimately/nBtJ7d4RThe site does have its problems but these can be remedied in time but not if it is turned into a Joke and a laughing stock. I would like to see this resource, if anything, improved and expanded.
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